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Dallas Cowboys WR Patrick Crayton - Start or Sit?

With rumors rampant that Dallas Cowboys' WR Terry Glenn will be lost for the season, 3rd WR Patrick Crayton moves into the starting line-up. As a #2 WR, will Crayton produce at the same levels Terry Glenn did as the #2 in the Dallas passing game and thus elevate his value into the 8th-9th round?

In 2005, Glenn had 839 yards receving.  That total ranked 12th amongst the 64 seasons put-up by the #2WRs by yardage in the NFL over the 2005/2006 seasons.  Last season, Glenn had 1,047 yards which ranked 7th overall over those past two seasons for a #2WR.

As a 3rd WR, Pro Football Prospectus 2007 projected Crayton to get just 502 yards, but he did put-up a 104 yard game with a TD  against the Cardinals last season when Glenn missed a game with an injury.  With a 75% Catch Rate (WR average is 56%) and the Cowboys heavy use of their second WR, I have a hard time believing he isn't going to be the first quality back-up to turn into an every week consideration to start in fantasy football.

Now the question moves towards the decision to sit or start him versus the Giants this Sunday evening.  (I suspect this decision is most applicable to those fantasy owners who were going to start Terry Glenn.)  Using K.C. Joyner's Match-up Grades, Patrick Crayton is a D+/C- WR and the DB lining-up against him is former first round pick RW McQuarters, whose grade is B-.  This would give a differential of -1.15 and would place Crayton in the 11th worst differential for Week One.

Based on that and the fact Crayton is a #2 WR, I would sit him this week.  However, I would also pluck him from the free agent pool before tomorrow night's game rather than risk a good game from him and league-wide competition for his services on Tuesday morning.