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Fantasy Baseball - Rick Ankiel, Danys Baez, Alfonso Soriano

The big MLB news yesterday was not Cardinals' OF Rick Ankiel's 2HR/7 RBI day, which brought took his 81 AB major league totals to 9 HRs and 29 RBI, but the revelation by the Daily News of New York that he was a mail-order HGH purchaser for the 2004 calendar year.  After weeks of adulation from all corners, I wonder how those sportswriters, specifically Peter Gammons of ESPN who wrote ,"Every time I look at Rick Ankiel, I think he is a better man than me," will treat this latest information.  Will they soothe their cognitve dissonace by excusing Ankiel's actions or will they say, "Oops.  I may have been more hyperbolic than Chicken Little on the day the sky didn't fall."

Brought into a 6-6 game to pitch the ninth inning, Orioles closer Danys Baez allowed a run to bring his 2007 W-L record to an ugly 0-6.  I cannot help thinking that he'd be out of the 9th inning role already if the Orioles had another viable option.  The recently-recalled Fernando Cabrera may get a chance to revive his closer-in-waiting role from 2006 with a couple positive appearances.

Alfonso Soriano hit his 22nd HR last night.  In the first year of an eight-year mega-deal, Soriano's 2007 can't be considered anything but disappointing despite the fact he is likely to be a 20/20 player the the end of the day on September 30th.  Before checking his ABs totals, I was willing to dismiss his reduced production to an injury-filled season, but he has 481 ABs now and that doesn't seem to be too few to dismiss the reduced HR production.

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