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Guys I Don't Like - Week 1

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It's Friday, so that means it's time for Guys I Don't Like, the bearded evil twin of yesterday's post.  I don't have anything against these guys personally; it's not like one of them killed my dog or anything.  Although, the way things are going in the NFL these days, it is possible that one of them killed your dog.  I don't know what you do with your free time.   Anyway, here are the guys that I think are in for fantasy trouble this week.  

Warrick Dunn, RB, Atlanta -- The Vikings rush defense is really quite good.  Assuming the Vikings feel the same as just about every fantasy football owner and have completely discounted Joey Harrington, they should be packing the line in order to force Harrington to beat them.   Not good for the Falcons running game.  Even though Dunn is coming off an injury and that plays a role here, Jerious Norwood doesn't look like a great start either.

Brandon Jacobs, RB, Dallas - Is Brandon Jacobs up to the task of being the premier running back for the Giants?  I have my doubts, but we'll get a good idea this weekend as he goes against what is expected to be a ferocious Dallas run defense.  It will also be interesting to see how (or if) the Giants have changed their Tiki-centric offense from last year to account for Jacobs' smashing style.

Thomas Jones, RB, NYJ - Jones is just coming back from injury and it's not even clear if he's going to be the starter so Jones would be a risky start against any opponent.  Against the Patriots, there's no way he's going to get 20-25 carries.  At best he'll be splitting carries with Leon Washington against a tough run defense.  Hopefully you have better options.  

Jake Delhomme, QB, Carolina - The first game of the "David Carr is breathing down my neck" era begins for Delhomme this weekend.  Having the veteran Keyshawn Johnson (70 catches) last season made life easier for Delhomme, this year Keyshawn has been replaced with rookie Dwayne Jarrett.  Jarrett is a talent, but Delhome needs more than just potential against a stout Rams' passing defense.

Brandon Jones / Eric Moulds, WR, Tennessee  -- The news in Jacksonville lately has been all about how they dumped off Bryan Whatshisname and installed new starting quarterback DAVID GARRARD (cue dramatic music) to lead the team.  Hooray for DAVID GARRARD.   The Jags have one of the league's best pass defenses though and they should be hungry to prove themselves against the incredible football powers of Vince Young.   I hope you don't have Eric Moulds in your starting lineup, but if you think you're going to cash in on Brandon "Sleeper" Jones, this isn't the week to try it.