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NFL Season Opener Impressions

The Indianapolis Colts embarassed the New Orleans Saints 41-10 in the 2007 season opener.  Peyton Manning threw for 288 yards and three TDs.  Jospeh Addai rushed for more than 100 yards and scored a TD.  Reggie Wayne caught two TDs passes and eclipsed 100 yards receiving, and Marvin Harrison had 83 yards and a score.  There are no unhappy fantasy owners of the Indianoplis Colts.  Even the Defense scored a TD on an absolutely inexplicable interception by Saints' QB Drew Brees.  As for Saints owners, not a single good thing occurred for QB Brees, RBs Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush and WRs Marques Colston and Devry Henderson.

I was struck by two things watching the game.  First, is the Colts secondary so good that no other defense will be able to stop the Saints' passing game or has its weaknesses been exposed and it will be a long year for Brees owners who used a top draft pick on him?  Second, Saints' CB Jason David stinks, and every opposing WR lined-up against him should be started until proven otherwise.

My apologies, a third question did strike me.  Are the NFL demographics the same as the ones for the Bionic Woman?  Based on the number of its commercials during the game, it must be.