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Guys I Like (But Not Like That) - Week 1

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This is going to be the regular Wednesday topic: Guys I Like (But Not Like That).  This is my version of the standard weekly fantasy advice that is usually called "Start or Sit", "Hot or Not", "Risers or Fallers", or something equally unimaginative.  Not only will my Wednesday post provide solid fantasy football info, the title should also bring in plenty of traffic from the MySpace crowd.  If I can find a way to work in references to puppies, eating disorders and High School Musical, I should be rolling in web hits.  Viva La Internet!

Right, here are the guys I think will have a good weekend for your fantasy team:

Charlie Frye, Cleveland vs Pittsburgh -- Last year Frye completed 63% of his passes for 224 yards in the first game against the Steelers.  In the second game Frye was injured, but Derek Anderson (yes, Derek Anderson!) completed 57% for 276 yards, a touchdown and an interception.  Don't let the preseason chaos confuse you, this is Charlie Frye's team.  If you're in such bad shape that you need to start him, he should put up good numbers this weekend.

Steve McNair, Baltimore vs Cincinnati - The addition of Willis McGahee opens up a new dimension for the Ravens passing game, as McGahee is a better pass catcher than Jamal Lewis was.  Combine this with the Bengals' poor pass defense and you have the makings of a solid passing day for McNair.  Last season he completed a combined 63.5% of his passes for 472 yards and a touchdown in the two games against the Kitties -- and this year's offense is better.

Running Back
Ronnie Brown, Miami vs Washington - The Redskins gave up a ton of yards on the ground last season and even though they've improved their defense with guys like London Fletcher-Baker-Smyth III and LaRon Landry, their run defense is still suspect.  If Ronnie Brown doesn't run well this week, Brown owners may have long term problems.

Wide Receiver
Donte Stallworth, New England vs New York Jets - Reche Caldwell gets the axe and Randy Moss might not play so that makes Stallworth the man for the Pats. He makes a great #2 or #3 fantasy wide receiver this week.  

Tight End
Jason Witten, Dallas vs New York Giants - The Giants secondary is in turmoil with injuries to Will Demps and Kevin Dockery.  Having to cover TO and Terry Glenn at wide receiver and keeping an eye on the two-headed running game means there won't be many Giants paying attention to Witten over the middle.