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ESPN Chat Links

This a muddy time of year for fantasy sports with fantasy football beginning and fantasy baseball in the homestretch of the season.  As a reuslt, there are more newsowrthy chats than normal.  All of them are open to non-Insider subscribers when they are live (typically one hour.)  However, I have noticed the chats are not automatically being placed behind the subscription wall, so do not hesitate to click on the link just in case.

Baseball Chat Links:

Fantasy Sports with Eric Karabell at 11AM.

Baseball America's Jim Callis at 2PM.

Fantasy Baseball with Ron Shandler at 3PM.

Football Chat Links:

NFL with Craig Mortensen at 11AM

NFL Draft with Mel Kiper at 1PM.

NFL with Mark Mosley at 2PM

NFL with Gary Horton at 4PM.