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Three Fantasy Questions for Week 1

Wednesday's post during the season will be a staple of sports bloggers, the good ol' "three questions" routine.  Except in this case I'll be asking the questions to myself and then answering them.  Sure, that sounds strange, but if Rumsfeld could get away with it for years, I figure I can use it for a while.   Here we go:

Question #1:  Will Darrell Jackson Ever Be Healthy? - Don't count on it, especially not this week.  Jackson was injured during the third preseason game and he's just getting back to practicing now.  If Jackson is at full speed, the Niners have a reliable receiver which opens up the passing game and eases defensive pressure on Gore.  If he's not, Alex Smith is relying on Arnaz Battle, Ashley Lelie and Taylor Jacobs and the Cardinals probably win the game.   Ergh.  

Question #2:  Seriously, Joey Harrington? - Yes, especially this week.  The Vikings have a dominating rushing defense and a secondary that's full of holes.  Despite the Falcons' focus on the rushing game, they're going to have to throw the ball and that means it's all Joey Harrington on Sunday.  He's capable of putting up big fantasy numbers - he chucked it up 62 times for 414 yards in Week 7 last year - and if he's ever going to do it, it could be this week.

Question #3: Why Does Herm Edwards Hate Me? - As the wise Laurence Tureaud once said: "I pity the fool who counts on Herm Edwards".  The Kansas City Star is announcing that YOUR #3 overall draft pick is going to take it easy for a while:

"He's going to be on a little bit of a leash early," Edwards said. "He has to get his legs underneath him. (Backup) Michael Bennett is healthy, and that's good. It gives us another runner. It's not all on LJ. He did a yeoman's job last year."


"He'll be fine the first two weeks because he knows he can't do (too much)," Edwards said. "We're protecting Larry. That's important. But the kind of guy he is, after week four I know he's going to come up to me and say, `I can carry it a few more times if you need me to.'

Week four?  Week f***ing four?!  There's your top five draft pick right there...splitting time with Michael Bennett.  You'll start him anyway, but be prepared that it's likely not going to be the Larry Johnson that you were counting on.