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Fantasy Breakouts for the Preseason

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This season I'm going to try to bring some order to my mostly unorganized blogging by introducing some structure.  Each day of the week during the season will have the same theme.  Since the season kicks off this week I'm implementing this structure right now to continue through the season.  That's the plan at least, we'll see how it works out.

Tuesday's topic is last week's fantasy breakouts -- guys that had great games the previous weekend and who will probably be the target of frantic waiver wire claims in your league.  Are they worth a pickup or are they just a fluke?

Since last weekend was the last, most meaningless preseason game there are plenty of "surprises" to choose from (who the hell is Paris Warrren?) but I'm going to try limit it to guys that are likely to have an impact on your fantasy team.  

Chris Houston, CB, Atlanta - The Falcons rookie cornerback had eight solo tackles and an interception as the Ravens' QBs kept throwing the ball his way.  Houston is unlikely to have much value as an IDP, but if he can shore up that side of the Atlanta secondary it's a very good sign for the Falcons' defense as a whole.

Mike Williams, WR, Oakland -- Holy crap, it's Mike Williams!  That guy from USC!  He came out of college early, then they wouldn't let him play, then the Lions drafted him 10th overall, then he stunk.  Remember?  That guy!  He's back.  And...he's worth keeping an eye on.

Wali Lundy, RB, Houston -- Lundy finished with 8 rushes for 50 yards and a TD.   Ahman Green isn't the youngest guy on the team so if anything happens to him, Lundy will take over as the starting RB.  If your team is unfortunate enough to be relying on Green as a fantasy starter, then Lundy looked good enough to warrant a late handcuff pick.

James Jones, WR, Green Bay -- Brett Favre just can't stop throwing to this guy.  Jones finished the preseason with 15 catches for 175 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He's third on the depth chart at best, but if you're one of the people (like Pro Football Prospectus) who believe in a Brett Favre resurgence this season, then you might want to stash Jones away.

Demetrius Williams, WR, Baltimore -- Williams had 78 yards in the last preseason game, including a 59 yard touchdown from Kyle Boller.  Williams is a popular sleeper pick in Baltimore and while he certainly has some talent, the Ravens offense probably won't provide him with enough passes to make him worth a spot on your fantasy roster.  Keep an eye on him though.

Update [2007-9-4 18:20:56 by Skeller]: D'oh! Hat tip to Yukon for pointing out that Lundy was cut a few days ago. The Texans #2 RB is actually Samkon Gado. No, really