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MLB News From Yesterday

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Pedro Martinez returned to the mound to insure the Mets see some major league innings in the third year of a four-year deal the team gave him back in the winter of 2004.  He pitched well enough to win - 5 IP/3R/4K/5H/3BB.  If a relatively unknown pitcher put up that stat line, no one would care.  As a matter of fact, one would see those 3 BBs and raise a yellow caution flag.

Roger Clemens was removed from his start yesterday and reported a "grabbing sensation" in his ageless right elbow.  I couldn't help thinking this was the end of the line for the greatest starting pitcher of my lifetime.  In the next moment, I thought about how little he has helped those fantasy teams who blew their FAAB on him at the end of May/beginning of June. 6 wins, a 4.45ERA and a 1.34 WHIP are throuroughly mediocre.  Fantasy owners can be consoled with the fact their FAAB isn't real money.  Then again, maybe the Yankees don't consider the $28MM they spent on Roger as real money either.

Joe Mauer will miss another week or so with a hamstring issue.  Yesterday' Minnesota papers have bought into the idea that Mauer would be a more productive hitter if he moved to third base.  Without 20+ HR power, I won't buy it.  And who do these writers think will fill the gaping hole at catcher?  Mike Redmond?  Are they so drunk on Kool-Aid they can't see Redmond for what he is - a punchless hitter who wouldn't even improve the HR production of the current Twins' 3B Nick Punto?

Zach Greinke threw five shutout innings in his third start since returning to the rotation. If he isn't taken in a mixed keeper league, grab him now.  He is going to be a very valuable trade piece this off-season.

Oakland A's $66MM 3B Eric Chavez will have a torn labrum repaired this Wednesday and likely some back surgery soon after.  He has oficially fallen into single-digit territory in AL-only auction leagues and undrafted territory for mixed leagues.  I have no faith whatsoever that back surgery of any sort will be a positive for a player who was already in an Edgardo Alfonzo-esque decline.

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