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Fantasy Football Throw-Up In My Mouth

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I admit the list of players making my Throw-Up In My Mouth this week is limited, and the gastronomic juices don't taste too bitter either. In a week that appears to be very low-scoring, I managed to have many of the players who did manage to score a lot - QB Tony Romo, WRs Santonio Holmes and Patrick Crayton. I also started Steelers' QBs Ben Roethlisberger and Brett Favre is leagues that had been using Matt Leinart.

However, I had San Diego in my Survivor pool and was shocked to see the Chargers lose to the Chiefs. What makes this worse is I wanted to switch it to the Cowboys but thought it wouldn't matter. Right.

I am sure Brian Westbrook's owners are tasting last week's dinner after he was declared inactive well after the deadline for fantasy line-ups. But even here, I played a team who started him.

POS Player Team Att/Rec/Comp Yds TD More
WR Terrell Owens DAL 3 33 0 0
K Matt Stover BAL 2-4 FG     O Mare in Wks 1-3
DEF Dolphins MIA 35 PA 1 Sk 0 int 1 FR