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Fantasy Football Week Four Open Games Thread

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Beginning this week and going forward, there is going to be an Open Games Thread for all fantasy football players to make observations on the day's games.  I have not decided whether this will be in addition to the Throw-Up In My Mouth feature that lists those players from my fantasy teams that sicken me by day's end or whether the OGT will replace it entirely.

This thread will also be the place I update any of last minutes changes I make to my roster prior to kick-off.  The one I just changed back from what I changed a couple hours ago when it was not clear I'd be near a PC at 1PM.  I placed TE Kellen Winslow back in my starting line-up after reserving him for Bears' TE Desmond Clark.

If there is "breaking news" I'll add it to the Comment section.  I am going to be off and on this site all day and hope you will too.