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Vince Young

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  • Vince Young is the best young quarterback in the league.
  • Vince Young makes all the players around him better.
  • Vince Young will lead the Titans to the Super Bowl one year.
  • Vince Young will win the NFL MVP before he retires.
  • Vince Young will not only be on the cover of Madden '08, but also Madden '09.
  • Vince Young's fecal matter produces no noticeable odor.
There are a lot of strong opinions about Vince Young, some of them bordering on insane.  My strong opinion is that Vince Young is the most difficult fantasy quarterback to project for 2007.  

He's obviously a running threat every time he touches the ball.  But can he really be expected to put up the 1039 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns that Vick had last year?  Doubtful.

He's considered a passing threat, but can he even be expected to beat the 2474 passing yards and 20 passing TDs that Vick put up last season?  Consider that the Titans passing game lost Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade and added Eric Moulds.  That's a step down.  Consider as well the Titans running game consists of an overweight LenDale White, and a guy the Titans decided not to sign at the end of last season in Chris Brown.   Young may finish with more yards, but he'll be hard pressed to top 20 passing TDs.

Vick was an overall disappointment as a fantasy quarterback last year and Young isn't supposed to even match those numbers. How then is VY considered to be a top ten fantasy QB?  

If Vince Young ever had a solid receiving corps OR a solid running game behind him, he might be the NFL's ultimate weapon.  But the Titans have one of the league's weaker receiving corps AND one of the league's weaker running games.  The Titans have only one weapon - and as great as that weapon is it won't take NFL defensive coordinators long to figure out how to stop him if they have nothing else to worry about.  

For this season, I would be surprised if Young finished as a Top 15 fantasy quarterback.  In a keeper league he's obviously much more valuable, but I think this season he's going to disappoint a lot of fantasy owners.