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2008 AL Cy Young Award Candidates

Here is a list of the Top 10 qualifying ERA title aspirants in the American League. In addition to ERA, is it reasonable to think the categories listed are enough to determine the AL CY Young award winner? If so, the Angels' John Lackey would win the award. Deservedly so.

Personally I believe Boston's Josh Beckett will win given his 20 Wins and IP, Ks and ERA that are near the top of their resepctive categories. He was also quoted in The Sporting News as wondering what to do all the Dom Perignon teammate Curt Schilling gave him following his 20th victory. "I don't know what I'm going to do with it all. I'm a beer drinker," he said. I can empathize.

Surrpisingly, I do not see the Twins' Johann Santana as having any case whatsoever. His victory total is lower than a couple pitchers with better ERAs and more IPs. Am I just reacting to what I sense is groupthink regarding Santana or is there still a legitimate case for his inclusion in the Al CY Young discussion?

John Lackey LAA 224 179 19 3.01
Fausto Carmona CLE 215 137 19 3.06
Dan Haren OAK 222.2 192 15 3.07
Erik Bedard BAL 182 221 13 3.16
C.C. Sabathia CLE 241 209 19 3.21
Josh Beckett BOS 200.2 194 20 3.27
Johan Santana MIN 219 235 15 3.33
Kelvim Escobar LAA 189.2 156 17 3.46
Scott Kazmir TAM 206.2 239 13 3.48
Mark Buehrle CHW 201 115 10 3.63