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Week Four Fantasy Football WR Decisions

With one WR on a BYE (Tennessee's Brandon Jones) and another out with an injury (Houston's Andre Johnson), my options for for my two starting WRs and Flex position are more limited than usual. However, the Adv scores look favorable for each option. I will stick with the Rams Torry Holt, as expected. The Cowboy's secondary has not been great, and the Rams defense will have them playing from behind. Those facts combined with the PPR format, make Holt a near lock for double digit points.

San Francisco's Arnaz Battle has a great match-up, but the 49ers offense has been very disappointing. In Chicago, the elevation of back-up QB Brian Greise to the starting role has me thinking he will be able to take advantage of possession receiver Muhsin Muhammad (along with TE Desmond Clark who I picked-up as insurance for KEllen Winlsow.) A Detroit secondary scorched by the Eagles last week offers additional support for starting Muhammad.

Jerry Porter comes out favorbaly, but he has been awful this season. I wonder if he ever comes back to being relevant. Maybe when the cannon-armed rookie, QB JaMarcus Russell, is handed the reigns. Until then, Porter sits.

Last week's free agent pick-up, Atlanta' Roddy White, had his grade increased from 1.65 to 2.25. His match-up is still unfavorable, but he is the #1 and should be expected to be targeted frequently enough to score in the high-single digits in a PPR.

WR Team Grade DB Team Grade Adv
Arnaz Battle SF 2 Marcus Trufant SEA 1.5 0.5
Muhsin Muhammad CHI 2.5 Stanley Wilson DET 2.25 0.25
Torry Holt STL 3.5 Anthony Henry DAL 3 0.5
Andre Johnson HOU 1 OUT OUT 4 -3
Jerry Porter OAK 2.65 Travis Daniels MIA 2.25 0.4
Brandon Jones TEN 1 BYE BYE 4 -3
Roddy White ATL 2.25 Dunta Robinson HOU 2.5 -0.25