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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links And Play-Off Predictions

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With the New York Mets on the cusp of a historic collapse, there are bound to be fantasy teams experiencing, or about to experience, the same.  For those with no vested interest in these types of races, this becomes an interesting weekend.  For those involved, only the winners will claim to have enjoyed it.  The losers will feel disappointment and/or disgust.

I have watched my NL-only team go from 4th place on Wednesday morning to tied for 5th in two days thanks to the inopportunity of a Matt Cain blown win and blown save by closer Brian Wilson and a two-day hitting effort of 14-88 to drop out of the knot of teams around the .275xx area.  While I can't control that (I did shed an AVG-killer, Andruw Jones, and replaced him with a Top AVG player, Edgar Renteria), I look at my 47 HR lead over the team behind me and think what could have been.  (My total is 3rd overall behind totals of 272 and 279.  Yeah I feel jobbed there, too.)

There won't be too much baseball outside the three specific chats, and those will be filled with questions asking for prognostications about who will make the play-offs in the NL.  Here are mine.

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies
NL Central: Chicago Cubs
NL West: Colorado Rockies
NL Wild Card: the winner of a Monday play-in game between San Diego and Arizona.

Fantasy Sports:

Fantasy Football with Scott Engel at 11AM.

Fantasy Injuries with Stephania Bell at 3PM.

General Football:

NFC/AFC Easts and Norths with Scouts Inc from noon to 2PM.

NFC/AFC Souths and Wests with Scouts Inc from 2PM to 4PM.

General Baseball:

MLB with Jerry Crasnick at noon.

MLB with Jayson Stark at 1PM.

MLB with Keith Law at 2PM.