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Week Three Fantasy Football WR Results

After three weeks, I am ready to provide some stat for KC Joyner's predictive ability based upon his match-up grades. The sample is the list of WRs I have on my fantasy football team, "Orlovsky's O", in a PPR league that starts two WRs and a Flex.

There were four instances of a player being injured during the game (Eddie Kennison and DJ Hackett) or out for the game with an injury (Andre Johnson). With a possible 21 starts through three weeks, 8 of 17 have been correct. To be correct, either a negative adv score and poor production or a postive score a good production should result. This Week Three also demonstrated ways to be wrong - a high adv and low production (Torry Holt) or a a low adv and high production (Roddy White).

I do not see anything there to say, "Wow!" But I recognize that 17 is a small sample.

WR Team Adv Rec Yds TD Right?
Arnaz Battle SF -0.65 2 27 0 Yes
Muhsin Muhammad CHI -0.5 2 21 0 Yes
Torry Holt STL 1.5 5 63 0 No
Andre Johnson HOU -3 INJ INJ INJ INJ
Jerry Porter OAK 0 1 20 0 No
Brandon Jones TEN -2 4 73 1 No
Roddy White ATL -0.15 7 127 1 No