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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links

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Red Sox rookie 2B Dustin Pedroia hit hsi 8th HR last night to burnish his case for the 2007 AL ROY award.  With a slash stats line of 317/381/443, he is a favorite of the sabremetric community, but I can't see a scrappy/underdog guy like Pedroia taking the award.  The field is weak, though, thanks to Daisuke Matsuzaka's late season collapse.

Staying with high RBI players.  Wait I didn't mention Delmon Young's 93 RBI is the previous paragraph, did I?  Anyhow, Sammy Sosa hit his 21st HR of the season to drive-in his 91st and 92nd runs  in his comeback campaign.  He hasn't played as frequently in the final two months as he did in the first four, but his numbers demonstrate he can still be effective in a limited role.  Since 8/1, he has slash stat line of 307/357/603 in 78 ABs.

With his 19th HR, Robinson Cano also took his RBI total to 94.  With a .305 AVG, he is now a quality fantasy secondbase man.  Too bad he didn't steal bases, though.

Sticking with base-stealing 2B, Brandon Phillips hit his 30th HR to become the second 2B to go 30/30.  Is Phillips a 2nd round pick next year?

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