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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links

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Raise your hand if you were tied in Wins and Saves last night and own the Giants' Matt Cain and Brian Wilson.  Am I the only one?

Last night was the beginning of the end of the season for starting pitchers.  While a few may make their regular start on five days rest on Sunday, most will not.  Teams have other options available thanks to expanded rosters.  Or the teams are setting-up their play-off rotations.  Or teams are just more aware of the risk in over-using pitchers.  Any way you cut it, if you're chasing Wins, you should begin to consider your 2008 keeper list.

Dodgers' rookie 2B Tony Abreu is out for the rest of the week/season with an injury.  Coupled with SS Rafael Furcal's injury, this opened last night's starting job for Chin-Lung Hu who preceded to go 2-4 with his 2nd HR.  It is late September so the stats may not be predictive, but Hu certainly can make the case for a significant role on the 2008 Dodgers team.

Yankees' rookie reliever Edwar Ramirez has 29 Ks in just 19.1 innings of major league work.  That certainly looks post-season worthy, doesn't it?  But for the 18 earned runs allowed, 22 hits, 12 walks and 6 HRs allowed, I'd agree.

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