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Week Three Fantasy Football Answers - Part II

Lions at Eagles (-5-):

While it is too much to expect Eagles WR Jason Avant to lead his fellow WRs in receptions, what if he does?  Who will be the bigger bust, Reggie Brown or everyone' sleeper, Kevin Curtis?  God knows we can't say it's QB Donovan McNabb.

When a team scores 8 TDs, whatever questions asked look silly in hindsight.  Obviously, Reggie Brown is the bigger bust.

Kevin Jones had a few carries but nothing to open any eyes.  More encouraging for him is the continued suc...poor play of Tatum Bell.  By the 6-team bye week in Week Eight, I think he will be an easy start.

Bills at Patriots (-16-):

Wow.  The Patriots are great.  Or is it the Bills are awful?  Either way, seeing Sammie Morris get another 10+ carries and a goal line carry does not reflect kindly on Lawrence Maroney.  Who would have thought he'd be a possible start during the bye weeks?  Certainly not me when I added him after Week Two just to keep my reserves filled with currently active players.

49ers at Steelers (-9-):

The Linesmakers knew the 49ers better than I thought.  Without a passing game, 49ers' RB Frank Gore is going to see a lot of 8-man fronts.  It won't be Larry Johnson-esque, but I'd be worried if my fantasy season relied upon the production projected by Pro Football Prospectus.

Cardinals at Ravens (-7-):

I was correct that the Cards had too many skills players to be more than a TD underdog.  I just didn't see QB Kurt Warner being the Cardinal to exploit them.

Rams at Buccaneers (-3-):

What Rams' offense?  How could they have gone from such an explosive offense to such a pathetic one?  And it will only get worse next week.  For Survivor pools, I've been looking at the Chiefs' opponents.  Maybe it is time to do the same for the Rams.

Jaguars at Broncos (-3-):

The Jags RBBC did little as long as "little" is defined as "no TDs".  More frightening,though, is the return of Greg Jones and goal line carries.  How much less valuable is Maurice Jones-Drew without getting Fred Taylor's goal  line touches?

Bengals at Seahawks (-3):

24-21 is the high-scoring affair fantasy owners would have liked, but those teams that started either Bobby Engrma or Nate Burleson were rewarded with a TD reception each.

Browns at Raiders (-3):

Browns' QB Derrek Anderson followed-up his 5 TD season debut with non-descript 248-yard/1 TD effort.  It is better than Matt Leinart did, but when the bar is set that low, who can't get over it?  he did find his stud receiving options, TE Kellen Winslow and WR Braylon Edwards, for 6/88 and 4/83 respectively.

Panthers at Falcons (+4):

With a 7/126/1 game, WR Roddy White has played his way into starting line-ups for Weeks Four through Ten as injuries and bye weeks loosen the defintion of "viable starting option."  Fortunately, I grabbed him last week in anticipation of the limited options that occur in bye weeks.

Cowboys at Bears (-3):

Bears' QB Rex Grossman has this line at -3.  The Cowboys have the much better offense, but the Bears defense and special teams is being given a lot of credit for the team even being favored.

That was way too much credit.  Even sub-prime lenders didn't give out that much.

Titans at Saints (-4):

The 'Aints are back, and it wasn't even a reuslt of a Vince Young Express, either.  He threw for fewer than 200 yards and rushed for just 21 on five carries, one of which went for 12 yards early in the game.  Before I make a snide comment about the 'Aints pass defense improving via Jason David's broken arm, who did WR Brandon Jones beat for his 35-yard TD?

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