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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links

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With six days left in the season, the likelihood on any starting pitcher getting two more starts has greatly diminished.  If your team is dependent on extra starts, then you've either got to start streaming pitchers into an out of your line-up and suffer the ratio consequences or accept that your chase in Wins and Ks is completely out of your control.  Neither is a great option.

The Padres lost again to fall into a tie for the NL Wild Card with the Philadelphia Phillies with the Colorado Rockies one game behind.  The best of these is the Rockies with top-to-bottom roster depth.  The Phillies are all hitting and the Padres are all pitching with an OF of Brian Giles, Brady Clark, Rob Mackowiak with Terrmel Sledge, Scott Hairston and Jason Lane ready to fill in.

Angels 1B Casey Kotchman hit his 11th HR.  With an .841 OPS, he has certainly had a decent year, but more should be expected before moving "decent" to "good", shouldn't it?

Barry Zito won his 10th game to bring his record up to 10-13.  Gil Meche lost his 13th to bring his record down to 9-13.  That is a combined 19-26 for $29MM this year.

Fantasy Sports:

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