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Week Three Fantasy Football Answers - Part I

Giants at Redskins (-3-):

Wow.  Jason Campbell was unable to impress against the Giants' secondary.  This leads me to conclude he will be nothing more than a "forced" start at QB this year.  I see no reason why he wouldn't remain in the free agent pool for the forseeable future.

Derrick Ward has another high-usage game - 26 carries and six receptions.  Unfortunately, FB Reuben Droughns got both 1-yard TD runs.  Given Ward came out of nowhere to be a full-time back, one still tastes some vomit in the back of the throat when one sees those TDs.

Dolphins at Jets (-3):

Ronnie Brown had a statement game.  "I may stink for a couple weeks in a row, but I can still produce if given a chance!"  For fantasy owners, hopefully he was active becuase the chances of a 3-TD game with more than 100 yards rushing and 99 yards receiving may not come again.  Given we are entering the Bye Week portion of the season, this is unlikely as most fantasy teams will begin to start players who never get started when all 32 teams take the field.  Brown has disappointed but not so much that he'd be sitting in favor of Wes Welker at Flex.

Colts at Texans (+6):

I admit to be very surprised that the Texans were able to score 24 points.  Their first score was a kick return for a TD so I adjust their offensive points downward, but even 17 points seems like a lot without their top WR or RB.  QB Matt Schaub's 27 of 33 effort says the Texans made the right move acquiring him.
A look at their starting field position shows Schaub led two TD drives of 70+ yards in the 4th quarter, and I want to believe he is the real deal.

Chargers at Packers (+5):

This was a greta game for both starting QBs - 300+ yards with 3 TDs each, but the bettors were way off.  The Chargers' giving 5 at Lambeau Field said Ladanian Tomlinson would have a big game. 22 carries for 62 yards is not big enough to give five on the road.

Vikings at Chiefs (-3):

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson bounced back Week Two's disappointing effort to produce the way one expects top backs to do - with 100 yards and a TD.  Larry Johnson, however, did not.  With 24 carries, any Rb should have more than 42 yards.  Is he a buy low or are teams two unwilling to deal him because he was a top 5 pick.

Chiefs' 2007 1st round pick, WR Dwayne Bowe, had a TD amongst his 5 receptions and 71 yards receiving.  This follows-up last week's game where he also caught a TD pass.  Normally, I wouldn't get too excited, but bye weeks are going to make him an option more often than not.