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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links - Jeff Francis and LA Dodgers Line-Up

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Th Rockies' Jeff Francis won his 17th game yesterday to bring his team within 1.5 games of the Wild-card leading San Diego Padres.  With the effort, Francis' (Don't call me "Francis") effort took his season ERA to 4.17.  The Cubs' Carlos Zambrano also won his 17th game yesterday, and his ERA now stands at 4.08.

The Rockies needn't only worry how they are going to pay MVP candidate Matt Holliday when he becomes a free agent.

Is this how Dodgers' management shows its support for veteran 2B Jeff Kent?

J Pierre CF
T Abreu 2B
M Kemp RF
J Loney 1B
R Martin C
A Ethier LF
A LaRoche 3B
C Billingsley P

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