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2008 Line-Ups

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On Sunday afternoon, the Dodgers started a line-up of very young players with the exception of CF Juan Pierre. Whether this was in response to the obnoxious comments made by Jeff Kent is unknown, but the line-up's extremely youthful make-up sures screams out to me that it was. It got me thinking whether the play-off contending Dodgers could actually have a better line-up of rookies and second-year players, the majority who do not have full-time jobs, than other less successful squads.

Looking this sample of starting line-ups would you prefer the Dodgers' squad in 2008 to any of these?

CF Juan Pierre BJ Upton Dave DeJesus Cory Patterson Vernon Wells Marlon Byrd Nate McLouth Wily Mo Pena
2B Tony Abreu Akinori Iwamura Mark Grudzalaniek Brian Roberts Adam Hill Ian Kinsler Freddie Sanchez Ron Belliard
RF Matt Kemp Delmon Young Mark Teahen Nick Markakis Alex Rios Nelson Cruz Xavier Nady Austin Kearns
1B James Loney Carlos Pena Billy Butler Kevin Millar Lyle Overbay Brad Wilkerson Adam LaRoche Nick Johnson
C Russ Martin Dionar Navarro John Buck Ramon Martinez Greg Zaun Jarrod Saltalamacchia Ron Paulino Brian Schneider
LF Andre Ethier Carl Crawford Emil Brown Aubrey Huff Reed Johnson Frank Catalonotto Jason Bay Dmitri Young
3B Andy LaRoche Evan Longoria Alex Gordon Melvin Mora Troy Glaus Hank Blalock Jose Bautista Ryan Zimmerman
SS Chin-Lung Hu Brendan Harris Tony Pena Miguel Tejeda John McDonald Michael Young Jack Wilson Christian Guzman