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What the $%^! Happened? -- Week 3

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Another incredible week of fantasy football, although a much happier week for me since I have both McNabb and Westbrook in my money league.  With 12:45 left in the second quarter, they EACH had two touchdowns.   That's when fantasy football is the best.

And I also started Matt Leinart in the Fake Teams Reader League.  That's when fantasy football is the worst.  

  • The Eagles-Lions game finished with 646 total passing yards.  Whoops, sorry, that's a typo.  I meant to say they finished the first half with 646 total passing yards.
  • Last week's comment: Matt Leinart Lives!
  • This week's comment: ^&%@#!!
  • LaDanian Tomlinson is up to 130 rushing yards for the year.  He's good, but he's no Najeh (136 yards) Davenport.
  • I present you with a contrast:
      --Exhibit A: Kurt Warner  An evangelical Christian who has been public about his faith and the important role it plays in his life.

      --Exhibit B: Matt Leinart  A guy who hangs out with Hollywood stars, bangs models, and has kids out of wedlock.

      I'M not making any judgments, but right now dozens of clergy in dozens of churches are furiously writing dozens of sermons....

  • If I knew that after three weeks the Chargers and Rams would be a combined 1-5, would I still think that Tomlinson and Jackson should go 1-2 in drafts?   Probably.  Should I have thought that?
  • At halftime of yesterday's Denver-Jacksonville game, the Broncos had a total of 16 offensive plays.  One of those plays was Cutler taking a knee to end the half.  
  • What?  The Browns lost? To the worst team in the league last year?   What's that I hear?  Brady who?
  • In case you're wondering, the backup QB in Chicago is Brian Griese.  Just in case that topic comes up this week.  
  • Joey Harrington's stats: 31 for 44, 362 passing yards, 2 touchdowns.  Is this a sign that Harrington (and the rest of the team) has grasped Petrino's rapid-fire offense?  If it is, Harrington and the Falcons' receivers will have some fantasy value, albeit in a Kitna-like way.  The Falcons may still finish 3-13 though. And Joe Horn will still be useless.
  • Larry Johnson had 24 carries for 42 yards.  That's an average of 1.75 yards per carry.  It's not about the holdout anymore.   It's not about "playing into game shape".   Johnson is not going to just get better.
  • Whatever you're planning to do on Sunday, October 14th, at 4:15 pm eastern time, go ahead and cancel it now.  Four words: New England at Dallas.