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Sunday Thoughts -- Week 3

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Sorry I didn't have a Vegas Says post yesterday... I wrote the post on my laptop and then left the laptop at work.  That's some pretty poor blog-planning right there.

  • Can we just stop with the "Vince Young vs Reggie Bush Rematch" stories in the media, please?  This isn't Texas vs USC. These aren't the same teams.  These aren't the same players.  LenDale White is considerably fatter for example.   Hell, even Vince Young and Reggie Bush aren't the same as they were.  What we have is a poor Titans team playing a poor Saints team.  Period.
  • Do you think that the Bengals miss Odell Thurman much?  Maybe a little?
  • You have to wonder how much better the Dolphins would be right now if Trent Green had a full offseason with the team.
  • If Kelly Holcomb has a great game this weekend, will we see Tarvaris Jackson again this season?   Really, is there anybody in Minnesota saying "Just wait until we get Jackson back!"
  • Looking over the Giants schedule, the only games that look like probable wins are Atlanta, Minnesota, Miami and Buffalo.  And I'm not entirely sure about Minnesota and Miami.  How would Darren McFadden look in blue and white?
In the Fake Teams Reader League, we have two -- count `em two! - games between undefeated teams.  Tim Donaghy's Kneecaps take on the Shakedown Street Deadheads while Steve's Staleys take on the appropriately named Philadelphia Disappointments.    I picked up Nick Folk as my kicker this week; we'll see how he does against a tough Bears defense.

In my money league I have to decide between Derrick Mason (vs ARI ), Greg Jennings (vs SD) or Ladell Betts (vs NYG ) as my flex player.  I'm going with Mason right now based on the matchup and how little Betts was used last week.