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Fantasy Football Throw-Up In My Mouth

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There is a new feature coming to Fake Teams - Fantasy Throw-Up In My Mouth. It is inspired by a day's worth of football and the sick feeling you get when you realize that your opponenet started Kevin Curtis this week, and you check your line-up and see your WRs caught one ball for a handful of yards. There are other situations like your starting RB gets all the rushing carries except the two TD ones. And so on. I'm sure you get the picture.

Here are mine. Who are yours?

POS Player Team Att/Rec/Comp Yds TD More
QB Matt Leinart AZ 9/20 53 0 0
WR Jerry Porter OAK 1 20 0  
DEF Dolphins MIA 31 PA 1 Sk 0 int  
WR Larry Fitzgerald AZ 5 85 0 1 FL
WR Lee Evans BUF 1 7 0