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Week Three Fantasy Football Questions

With Week Three a few hours from kicking-off, we have come to a point where trends appear to be emerging.  A lot of questions revolve around the continuation of what began in Weeks One and Two.  One general trend is in this week's lines.  Of the 16 games, 9 are either three points or 3- points.  Just three are more than a TD.  Is there really this much parity or have the events that separate the bad from the mediocre from the good yet to emerge?  I've included the lines from the Home teams perspective for your information.

Giants at Redskins (-3-):

If Jason Campbell is any good as an NFL QB, the Giants's secondary is going to bring out his best.

What is RB Derrick Ward's workload going to be this week after getting all of the RB touches last week?  Brandon Jacobs owners need to know.

Dolphins at Jets (-3):

For the Dolphins, RB Ronnie Brown is the worry.  Another bad week and "Bust" is going to be added to his NFL biography.

Colts at Texans (+6):

Without WR Andre Johnson, what is the Texans passing game going to look like?  I'd like to believe, but a running attack of Ahman Green and Ron Dayne combined with a receiving corp of Kevin Walters and Jacoby Jones leads me to believe that the only way the Texans cover getting six is if they hold the Colts to less than 10 points.

Chargers at Packers (+5):

There has to be a HUGE Chargers breakout expected for the Packers to be five-point dogs at home.  Will it come true?

Vikings at Chiefs (-3):

Will there be a single WR from either team starting for a fantasy team anywhere?  What most people want to see is how Chiefs' RB Larry Johnson and Vikings' RB Adrian Peterson do following disappointing Week two efforts.

Lions at Eagles (-5-):

While it is too much to expect Eagles WR Jason Avant to lead his fellow WRs in receptions, what if he does?  Who will be the bigger bust, Reggie Brown or everyone' sleeper, Kevin Curtis?  God knows we can't say it's QB Donovan McNabb.

The Lions get RB Kevin Jones back in limited duty this week.  With Bye Week Season beginning next week, his emergence as, at least, a 15-touch RBBC would be helpful.

Bills at Patriots (-16-):

A division rivalry with a 17-point underdog?  I don't believe it, but, if true, Pats RB Lawrence Maroney should get a heavy workload running out the clock.  Right?

49ers at Steelers (-9-):

Both teams are undefeated.  The line says the 49ers are pretenders.

Cardinals at Ravens (-7-):

A Baltimore offense giving more than a TD against a team with good skills players on offense?  I don't see it.

Rams at Buccaneers (-3-):

How will the Buccanneer's Cadillac Williams do after last week's heavier workload?  Is the Tampa defense good enough to hold the Rams offense down?  There is no other way to understand the Bucs giving more the three points.

Jaguars at Broncos (-3-):

Would fantasy teams rather have 75 yards and a TD from Broncos' RB Travis Henry or 100+ yards and a TD from his back-ups?  

The Jaguars have been awful.  There is little reason to suspect they will be able to pass on the Broncos.  Can their vaunted RBBC of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew finally produce?

Bengals at Seahawks (-3):

Will this be a high-scoring fantasy bonanza or will their be a lot of disappointed fantasy owners who started Bobby Engram and/or Nate Burleson in hopes of a Bengals' Week Two defensive effort.

Browns at Raiders (-3):

Obviously, Vegas doesn't believe the Browns 51-point effort indicated a serious high-powered offense.  QB Derek Anderson's follow-up to last week's 5 TD effort will be the most closely watched aspect of this game.

Panthers at Falcons (+4):

This is an odd line as the Falcons do not appear to be capable of kicking the FG necessary to push a 7-3 loss.  That aside, how the Falcons split RB carries is notable as is the emergence (faux?) of WR Roddy White.

Cowboys at Bears (-3):

Bears' QB Rex Grossman has this line at -3.  The Cowboys have the much better offense, but the Bears defense and special teams is being given a lot of credit for the team even being favored.

Titans at Saints (-4):

It is put up or shut up time for the Saints offense.  Too bad it is against a good Titans defense.  Will Titan's QB Vince Young have to throw the ball or will his offense be able to run the ball down the Saints' throat?  I want to say the 'aints are about to return but an offense of Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush can't be a part of that, can it?

Here is the link to ESPN's NFL HQ chat from 10 AM to 7 PM.  Unfortunately, Will Carroll will not be doing a Sunday morning one over at BP.  (Hey, Will.  I'm available to do that one for you.)