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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links

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Those must have quite a set of back spasms to keep Mets' closer Billy Wagner from pitching in that disaster of a 9th inning last night.  Thankfully, it did not go to waste as the Phillies held on and defeated the Nationals to move within 1.5 games of the 1st place Mets with 10 games to go.  Given David Wright's 9th inning error and his inability to put the team on his back, I see him having lost the MVP to either Brewers' 1B Cecil Fielder or Rockies' LF Matt Holliday.

With 9 games remaining and seven games behind the Wild-Card leading Padres, the Dodgers played Tony Abreu at SS in place of the injured Raphael Furcal.  Again I ask.  Why isn't 2007 Futures Game MVP Chin-Lung Hu getting any playing time?

Minor league speedster (40 SB in AAA), Josh Anderson is hitting .444 after yesterday's 3-6 effort in the Astros' 18-1 shelllacking of the Cardinals.  My question is why Anderson hasn't even attmepted a SB in the 20 or so times he has been on base?  Is Phil Garner still managing?  No, Anderson wouldn't even get to play if he were.  This is as puzzling as Hu's lack of PT.

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