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Week Two Wide Receiver Decisions Results

Last week's decisions to start or sit WRs did not work out so well based on KC Joyner's grading system. Texan WR Andre Johnson's 1120 yd/2 TD effort will always rank amongst the best performances by a WR in any given week. To have a negative score on that effort will always be wrong.

Titans' WR Brandon Jones caught five passes for 57 yards. In a typical PPR, that is ten points. A -1 score makes that a miss, and, in combination with Arnaz Battle's positve score and dud of a week, that judgment is further solidified. If Jones is such a bad reciever, he should not outproduce a possession receiver like Battle who has a favorable match-up.

All said, the grades did not help with any decisions. With 12.5% of the season to look at, some adjustments to off-season grades is likely in the offing. I'll be curious to see if this helps with the predicitve ability of the system.

WR Team Adv Rec Yds TD Right?
Arnaz Battle SF 0.5 2 17 0 No
Muhsin Muhammad CHI 1 1 7 0 No
Torry Holt STL 0.5 5 74 1 Yes
Andre Johnson HOU -0.15 7 120 2 No
Jerry Porter OAK -0.35 1 46 1 Yes
Brandon Jones TEN -1 5 57 0 No
Eddie Kennison KC -3 0 0 0 INJ