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Baseball News From Yesterday - Matt Holliday & Chin-Lung Hu

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In yesterday's 6-5 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers, Rockies LF Matt Holliday hit his 34th and 35th HRs.  With a .340 AVG, 128 RBI and 11 SBs to boot, Holliday has been one of the most valuable players in fantasy baseball not named ARod.  Given those numbers are a slight improvement on his prior year's production, I believe we need to begin seeing Holliday as the top OF in fantasy baseball.

Staying with the LA/COL game, the Dodgers started Tony Abreu at SS in place of the injured Rapheal Furcal.  Wilson Alvarez replaced Furcal when he left the first game of Wednesday's doubleheader, and Ramon Martinez started the second.  Why, oh why, isn't rookie SS Chin-Lung Hu getting these starts?

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