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Guys I Like (But Not Like That) -- Week 3

In a week when the Browns racked up 8000 yards, I didn't pick a single Brown as a Guy I Like.  How sad is that?   Well, here's a review of the guys I did select:

Brett Favre, Green Bay vs New York Giants - (286 pass yds, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception) Nothing makes your fantasy QB feel good like a game against the Giants.   CORRECT

Rex Grossman, Chicago vs Kansas City - (160 pass yds, 1 touchdown, 2 interceptions)  Wow, this guy is just not good.  That's what I get for counting on him.   WRONG

Jerious Norwood, Atlanta vs Jacksonville - (9 rushes for 30 yards, 1 catch for 13 yards) That's it Petrino, you're on my list.  WRONG

Marques Colston, New Orleans vs Tampa Bay - (8 catches for 70 yards, 1 touchdown).  A solid day despite a miserable offensive output from the Saints in general.  CORRECT

Darrell Jackson, San Francisco vs St. Louis - (3 catches for 61 yards)  He was he  leading  receiver  on the Forty Niners,  but those totals aren't good enough  for a starter. WRONG

Week 2 Recap: 2 correct, 3 wrong (.400)
Year to Date: 3 correct, 7 wrong (.300)
- Amazingly, that's an improvement over last week.  I should've known better than to pick Grossman though.  

Week 3 Picks

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh vs San Francisco
- Don't let the difference in touchdowns fool you, Big Ben had a much better Week 2 (62% completion rate, 242 yards, 1 TD) than he did in Week 1 (52% completion rate, 161 yards, 4 TDs).  I expect more growth from Roethlisberger this week against the Niners.

Brett Favre, Green Bay vs  San Diego  - Yes,  I'm going to the Favre Well for another week.  After seeing what Tom Brady and  Pats did the Chargers secondary there's no reason to think that Favre and the Pack can't do  the same thing. Sure, the Chargers stopped Rex Grossman in Week 1, but that was Rex Grossman.

Running Backs
Leon Washington, RB vs Miami
- Miami has just been trampled by running backs so far this season with opposing teams running a league-high 77 times against them.  With the QB situation unstable, expect more running this week from the Jets.   Thomas  Jones is averaging a pitiful 2.9 yards per carry so I expect Mangini to shake it up with Leon this week.

Tight Ends
Chris Cooley, TE vs NY Giants
- It doesn't take a genius to realize that the Giants defense stinks.  They stink a lot.  They especially stink at defending the tight end having given up three touchdowns to tight ends (1 each to Jason Witten, Donald Lee and Bubba Franks) so far this season.  Cooley should get another score this week.

Wide Receivers
Dwayne Bowe, WR vs Minnesota
- Bowe caught his first NFL touchdown this past week and had another one called back on a penalty.  Bowe has been bragging about how this week was going to be a big one for him, and who am I to argue?   If the Chiefs passing game is going to light it up against anybody, it will be the Vikings.