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Fantasy Football - Draft Results of a Community Member

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A reader asked me what I would do in a .5PPR with his 8th pick in a 10-team league. My advice was to hope for Eagles RB Brian Westbrook to fall to his pick and then take a #1 WR with the 13th pick when the draft came back to him. Normally, I'd advise grabbing a RB at that point, but the format and the fact no #1WRs would be available when the draft came back in the 3rd round with the 28th pick informed my decision.

A look at who was the WRs who were taken between the 13th and 28th selection bears out the soundness of the reasoning. I would have taken a RB other than Clinton Portis with the expectation that there would still be a #1WR available in the 4th. This is classic second- guessing because I really don't like the RBs options at that 4th pick. However, this PPR starts 3 WRs so I'd have taken Buffalo's Lee Evans in the 4th and grabbed one of the RBs coming back.

With the 5th round pick, the available backs were Buffalo's Marshawn lynch, Tampa Bay's Cadillac Williams and Green Bays' Brandon Jackson. bklmu took Lynch, and there isn't a big argument there as Lynch is expected to be a receiving option in addition to the lead back.

When the draft snaked back five pick later, I'd have taken Titans'QB Vince Young. With a starting RB tandem of Brian Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch, I'd take Young's expected 500+ yards rushing and handful of rushing TDs and consider those an extra half an RB.

At this point, the hypothetical alternate selections become much dicier to predict. With the D'Angelo Williams pick, I would have likely went for a LenDale White RB risk, but that is just preference. I do love the K selection with the third to last selection. New England's Stephen Gostkowski is projected by PFP to be the best kicker this season.

Any thing you'd do differently?

Round Direction Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6 Team 7 bklmu Team 9 Team 10 Direction
1 L2R L.Tomlinson S.Jackson L.Johnson F.Gore S.Alexander J.Addai W.parker B.Westbrk R.Johnson L.Maroney
2 C.Benson S.Smith E.james T.Ownes C.Johnson T.Henry P.Manning M.Harrison R.Bush W.Maghee R2L
3 L2R R.Brown B.Jacobs T.Housh M.J.Drew A.PetersoV T.Holt R.Wayne A.Boldin T.Jones R.Williams
4 A.Gates J.Walker J.Norwood M.Barber D.Brees L.E vans J.Lewis C.Portis C.Palmer L.FitzGld R2L
5 L2R M.Colston T.Brady j.Galloway D.McNabb A.Johnson D.McAllster l.Betts M.Bulger H.Ward D.Driver
6 B.Edwards R.Brown P.Buress Ca.Johnson C.Williams V.young V.jackson M.Lynch R.Moss j.Kitna R2R
7 L2R D.branch Br.Jackson T.Romo J.Horn S.Moss A.Green D.Foster D.Williams C.Chambers L.Jordon
8 F.taylor J.Shockey T.Bell A.Gonzalez D.jackson T.Gonzalz J.Cotchery L.Coles Ma.Clayton T.Glenn R2L
9 L2R M.Leinart Chicago V.Davis Baltimore J.Cutler DJ.Hackett K.Winslow T.Heap A.Crumpler C.Cooley
10 K.Curtis D.StllWrth D.Hendersn M.Turner L.Washtn B.Berrian W.Dunn C.Taylor J.Jones S.Holmes R2L
11 L2R P.Rivers M.Jenkins G.Jennings E.Manning L.White New Engld B.Marshall M.Muhamd C.Brown R.Droughns
12 Miami M.Jones M.Bell J.Wilkins LJ.Smith Al.Smith B.Farve Br.JonesT San Diego M.Hsslbck R2L
13 L2R G.Olsen A.Thomas C.HenryC D.Mason Green Bay B.Leonard J.Witten Dallas J.Porter I.Bruce
14 M.Schaub C.HenryTN M.Booker C.Buckhltr N.Kaeding A.Viniateri Jac.Jones D.Bennett B.Rothsbrg V.Morency R2L
15 L2R T.Ginn JP.Losman J.Delhomme R.McMchel NwOrlns P.Crighton Denver Pittsberg M.Stovall D.Clark
16 Carolina R.Dayne NYJets M.Lewis T.Schefflr K.Jones Oaklan JAX M.Stover Minnesota R2L
17 L2R O.Mare S.Graham K.BrownHOU Tenessee N.Rackers DD.Dorsey R.Gould Gostkowski C.Sapp J.Hanson