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September Call-Up Results

The September 1st roster expansion has brought some intriguing prospects to the sleepers list for 2008.  here is a run down of several and what they did on their first day.

Stephen Pearce, Pittsburgh 1B:

With Adam LaRoche at 1B, the Pirates started Stephen pearce in RF in his major league debut.  He went 2-4 to with no boxscore error.

Nyjer Morgan, Pittsburgh OF:

Morgan singled in his major league debut and drew a walk in his second AB.  Unfortunately, the minor league speedster's main skill went unused in similar ways former Pirate Rajai Davis' was - he did not steal any bases.

Clay Buchholz, Boston SP:

In case you were unaware, he threw a no-hitter.

Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston CF:

Doubled in one AB and drove-in two runs.  There appears little reason for Coc Crisp to extend his lease through the 2008 year.

Brandon Moss, Boston RF:

He started in LF and went 1-3 and drew a walk.  There is no reason to believe he could not be an excellent 4th OF in 2008 and back-up all three OF positions.

Geovany Soto, Cubs C:

The 2007 Pacific Coast League MVP did not play.

Joe Koshansky, Rockies 1B:

Pinch-hitting in the 9th inning of a 13-7 loss, he grounded out in his major league debut.

Rich Thompson, Anaheim RP:

The 2007 XM Radio Futures Game attendee, pitched one scoreless inning and struck out two Rangers.  He is the next in the long line of hard-throwing Angels' relievers.

Jonathan Meloan, Los Angeles RP:

In his major league debut, he pitched two scoreless innings at the end of a 6-1 loss.  In those innings, he allowed no hits, but walked three.

Chin-Lung Hu, Los Angeles SS:

Came into a 6-0 game in the 7th inning and got one AB and grounded out.  I'm sensing an Anaheim Macier Izturis-esque 2008.

Phillip Humber, Mets SP:

Did not pitch.

Ian Kennedy, Yankees SP:

Opponent aside - the free-swinging-pitch missing Tampa Bay Devil Rays, an excellent major league debut with seven innings pitched, six Ks and just one walk.  However, those 10 flyballs to just five groundballs tempers my enthusiasm.