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Baseball News From Yesterday

The Mets lost their fifth straight, and the Phillies won their 6th in a row to close within 1.5 games of the first-place New Yorkers.  With a rosters full of fantasy stars, this race is still exciting for all its story lines - the choking of the Mets, the lost MVP of David Wright, the Coors-lite line-up of the Phillies (see Jayson Werth and Greg Dobbs), the no-name staff of the boys from Philadelphia.  Here's to hoping it continues.

Mike Mussina pitched seven shutout innings against the packed-in Orioles.  In two starts since returning to the rotation, he has pitched 12.1 shutout innings and picked-up two Ws.  Raise your hand if anyone predicted that.  I wonder if any fantasy teams are losing because some tyro took him from the pool based on reputation and has now confounded the Wins category.

With manager Ron Gardehire's vote of confidence, the leading candidate for the Twins' 2008 starting 2B job, Nick Punto, went 2-3 to bring his AVG to .209.  That effort is part of a torrid streak where Punto has gone 8-17 to win that role.  In that period, he has just an RBI and no extra base hits or walks,  but why denigrate it?  The Twins are my pre-season pick to lose 90+ games next season, and I'd like to be right.  And next season's Alexi Casilla?  Trevor Plouffe!

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