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Is This Why Daniel Cabrera Struggles?

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Why does Daniel Cabrera stink?  It is something I have been considering as I have watched the Orioles' starter underwhelm and resist any efforts to improve his results.  He is a physically large pitcher.  His listed height is 6'7 and, watching him pitch, he is clearly larger than those he plays with and against.  I do not get the same impression watching Randy Johnson or Richie Sexson despite both players being listed as taller than Cabrera.

Given my lack of pitching mechanics credentials, I submitted a question to Will Carroll during today's chat at Baseball Prospectus, which has been cancelled.  I asked:

Do you believe their is a selection effect for very tall and very short pitchers?  I'm thinking of the struggles of 6'7 Daniel Cabrera in Baltimore and my inability to recall a 5'8 pitcher to fit into the fixed dimensions of the mound (10") and the distance to home plate (60'6).

Is Cabrera destined, due to his physical size and the fixed dimensions he must perform within, to always struggle if he has not been able to do it yet?