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Three Questions for Week 3

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I could do a Three Questions this week just on the Browns after their monster fantasy output on Sunday, but instead I'll try to be like Pittsburgh and keep it Cleveland-free.

Question #1 - Who is the strange man in the red and black jersey? - Everybody loves to find a quarterback on the waiver wire and the Falcons' recent signing of Byron Leftwich might provide a good one.  Leftwich is busy grabbing a clipboard and using the power of his mind to will Joey Harrington onto the Falcons' bench so he can take over.  There has been some question about the strength of Leftwich's mind in the past, but it won't be long before he's the starter in Atlanta.  With the Falcons next two games being in front of the home fans against two tough defenses (Carolina and Houston) it's only a matter of time before Petrino answers calls for Harrington's head.  I'd be shocked if Leftwich isn't the starter for the Week 5 game at Tennessee.

Question #2 - Will the Seahawks tear the Bengals defense a new one? -  The Seahawks haven't been dominating for the first two games of the season, averaging 20 points and 356 yards per game, but they're still and above average offense.  With the Bengals reeling from their beating this week, Hasselbeck, Alexander and Branch are candidates for great performances this week.

Question #3 - When will the Eagles stop killing my fantasy team? - Fantasy players everywhere are tearing their hair out over the miserable performances of Dononvan McNabb (1 touchdown) and Reggie Brown (3 catches for 41 yards), players who were drafted early and expected to anchor their position for fantasy squads.   The one bright spot has been Brian Westbrook who's eighth in the league in rushing and tied for ninth in receptions - though he doesn't have a single touchdown.  This week doesn't look much better for McNabb as the Lions' pass defense has only allowed two touchdowns while racking up six interceptions.   Eagles fans and Eagles fantasy owners need a shootout from the men in green this week.