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Week Two Football Answers - Part II

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns:

With a 51-45 victory, the Browns proved the linesmaker's in Vegas overreacted to their Opening Day thrashing at the hands of the Steelers and that they now have a legitimate interim QB who can take advantage of his weapons in the passing game.  Amongst Derek Anderson's 328 yards and 5 TDs, 146 yds and 2 TDs went to WR Braylon Edwards and 100 and 1 went to TE Kellen Winslow.

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Wondering whether Joey Galloway would have his season-best game against Saints' CB Jason David proved fruitful as Galloway caught two TDs and had 135 yards on the day.

Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins:

With 287 yards passing, Miami QB Trent Green proved the Dallas secondary to be as weak as demonstrated in Week One versus the Giants.  RB Ronnie Brown had another dud of a week gaining a mere 33 yards on eleven carries.  He is about to become a draft day bust.

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions:

Vikings' rookie RB Adrian Peterson did nothing but disappoint his fantasy owners.  66 yards on 20 carries and no TDs is not what anyone wanted.  He did catch four passes, though.

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals:

Bobby Engram caught 7 passes for the Seahawks to take the early lead as a legitimate #2 WR for the Seahawks.  If only he had the TD grab that Nate Burleson got, I'd be ready to declare him a legit #2.

Arizona QB Matt Leinart threw for 299 yards.  That is good enough to keep his draft value, but shouldn't he be able to throw more than one TD pass?  I mean Trent Green threw two!  One TD is what bad QBs do in regular action.

Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears:

Larry Johnson's carries increased to 16 versus the prior week's 10, but that is not enough if the Chiefs are to have any chance to win.  If Johnson is not carrying the ball 25+ times, then the Chiefs are in the Brian Brohm Sweepstakes.

The Bears scored 20 points thanks to WR Devan Hester's special teams ability, and RB Cedric Benson.  Unfortunately, QB Rex Grossman looks like he is awaiting replacement - 160 yards on 34 attempts with two INTs.  Do no harm appears to be the best strategy for the team at QB.  GRex cannot satisfy that.

New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens:

While his YPA of 7.0 does not reflect his ability to throw deep, QB Kellen Clemens threw deep to Justin McCairens and Lavareus Coles that were not caught.  He can go downfield.

The Ravens went back to what was expected at RB - Willis McGahee getting the bulk of the work.  In the first couple week, the expected RBBCs have been frustrating.  Fantasy owners didn't need McGahee in an unexpected RBBC, too.

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos:

Will Ronald Curry produce another #1 WR week with a new QB in Daunte Culpepper?  Will the vaunted Raiders defense make its 2007 debut?  How that second one is answered will determine if Broncos RB Travis Henry repeats his Week One effort and if QB Jay Cutler does the same.

The Raiders passing game was completely shut down by the Broncos - 8 completions for 73 yards.  Ronald Curry did get 25% of those completions though, if you want some positive spin after getting him off waivers last week.

RB Travis Henry crossed the 100 yard barrier again.  Again, he did not score.  Worse, though, was RB Cecil Sapp taking in a four yard score and  RB Selvin Young gaining 43 yards.  Shannahan up to his old tricks again?

San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots:

Chargers' QB Philip Rivers threw two TDs passes but had a small YPA of 6.0 thanks to just 175 yards passing.  However, a couple of INTs and a fumble bring to mind visions of Rex Grossman and not the 2006 version of Mr. Rivers.

Randy Moss has recovered his #1 WR status following 100+ yards receiving and a TD.  I wonder whether he can sustain it as the euphoria about him is bubble-esque.  Chris Liss of Rotowire talked about him as potentially a Top 5 WR.

The Patriots gave back-up Sammie Morris a lot of carries once again.  This is disturbing as Maroney was a late first round pick by pre-season's end and a lot of fantasy owners can not be happy right now.

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles:

Staying with RBBCs, Clinton Portis and ladell Betts did not evenly share the carries as Betts got just six carries to Portis' 17.  To mkae matters worse for Betts, he didn't catch a pass.  If this continues, Portis will be one of this year's surprise players and likely be on a fantasy play-off team.

WR Jason Avant was the leading WR by receptions and yards for the second consecutive week.  With WRs Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown, this should not be expected to continue, but a third consecutive week would lead to a re-evalution of Curtis' and Brown's fantasy value.