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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links - Hanley Ramirez and Daniel Cabrera

Marlins' 2nd-year SS Hanley Ramirez stole his 50th base yesterday.  With a .333 AVG and 28 HRs, he should be considered a first round pick next year.  The only question is whether he will be taken ahead of Jose Reyes or whether Reyes can hold on for another fantasy draft as the best SS.

Has Orioles' starting pitcher Daniel Cabrera finally jumped the shark as a fantasy option?  After last night's debacle (or as I think about it - his typical performance), he has a 9-17 record with 5.51 ERA.  The five Ks finally got him past last season's total of 157 - in 46 more innings pitched!  While his BAA is higher than it has been in his first two seasons, it is still just .259.  He has to be valued as a pre-humidor Colorado Rockies' pitcher.

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