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Weekly Surprises - Week 2

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A few guys that probably aren't on a team in your fantasy league.

Derek Anderson, QB, Cleveland - All hail the incredible power of Derek Anderson!  I have to eat crow after ripping Romeo Crennel last week for benching Charlie Frye, but he's still Derek Anderson, not Ken Anderson.   Having said that, he's playing a Raiders team this week that has given up plenty of passing yards so far.

Sammy Morris, RB, New England - One more time for this guy and he won't be a surprise.  Morris once again stole carries from Laurence Maroney, finishing with 10 carries for 51 yards and a touchdown.  It's still not clear if Morris is getting carries because the Pats are blowing out their opponents and they can afford to rest Maroney.  Even if it is, the Pats might continue to blow out opponents all season.  Morris is definitely worth a spot on your bench right now.

Roddy White, WR, Atlanta - Joey Harrington has taken plenty of abuse but he doesn't have much to work with at receiver.  Maybe third year WR Roddy White is starting to play up to his potential. White had  4 catches for 81 yards last week and now sits as the Falcons leading receiver so far this year.  He's somebody to keep an eye on over the next few weeks.

Roydell  Williams, WR, Tennessee - As sad as it is, the Falcons look like Air Coryell compared to the passing "offense" of the Titans.  Williams' 81 yards and a touchdown doesn't seem like much, but the Titans only have 240 passing yards all season.   For what it's worth, Williams seemed to be the go-to guy for Vince Young last week.  There have been breakout receivers on bad teams before.

Nick Folk, K, Dallas - For a guy who kicked six extra points he didn't get much press last week.  He won't be a surprise anymore after kicking another four extra points to go with three more touchdowns this week.  Dallas travels to Chicago for a Monday night game next, so he should be expected to get plenty of field goal chances once again.