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Baseball News From Yesterday With Chat Links

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With $19MM reliever Danys Baez is headed toward ulnar collateral ligmanet surgery,  waiver wire acquiree Fernandon Cabrera picked-up the save in yesterday's 14-inning affair.  With a bullpen in tatters, any successful appearance by a Baltimore reliever could signal use in the closer's role.  For sure, this job is wide open for the 2008 season, and one could do worse than grabbing Cabrera as a closing lottery ticket.

So the Blue Jays want to sign lefty-hitting Matt Stairs for the 2008 season and block OF Adam lind for another season.  Is this how a .500 club stays at .500 by retaining old players in hopes they repeat their most productive season this century? Didn't they learn their lesson with Frank Thomas, whose has had a good season with 22 HRs and 87 RBIs but not the one he had in 2006 when hit hit 37 HRs and drove-in 114 with Oakland?

Are the wheels coming off in Minnesota?  Three seasons before his free agency, 1B Justin morneau is worrying in the press about not being signed to a long-term contract.  With Torii Hunter on his way to a $100MM contract somewhere else and SP Johann Santana openly complaining about the organization, this is beginning to look like a disaster-in-waiting for 2008 - and the Twins have just the offense to make it happen.  

Am I the only one who saw Dane Cook throw out the first pitch of Saturday's Yankees-Red Sox tilt and thought, "No man that young who claims to be a baseball fan should throw so poorly?  And definitely should not be doing promos for MLB!"

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