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What the $%^! Happened? - Week 2

I was quite confused on Sunday. I kept seeing things I really didn't understand.  At first I thought I might still be drunk from my friends' wedding the night before (Congrats Julie and James!) but no, I was sober.  Painfully, unfortunately sober.  So I still don't have a good answer for a lot of these things.

  • What an absolute mauling of the Bengals defense by Cleveland.  Not only did they give up 328 yards and 5 touchdowns to Derek Anderson, but they also gave up 216 rushing yards to Jamal Lewis.  How can a team just fall apart like that?  Maybe the bigger question is: "Why couldn't Willis McGahee (77 yards) and the Ravens offense do that last week?"
  • Has a quarterback ever thrown for 401 yards and six touchdowns before?  If so, did they also LOSE THE GAME?!  Welcome to the record books Carson Palmer!
  •  LaDanian Tomlinson's stats for 2007: 35 carries, 68 yards, 1.9 yd average, 1 touchdown.  Any given Sunday indeed.
  • Fifteen starting quarterbacks had a better QB rating than Peyton Manning on Sunday, including Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller and David Garrard.  Manning threw for 312 yards and a touchdown.  While there is something is wrong with the QB rating formula, Manning wasn't even close to having the best day of the week.  How sick is that?
  • It's a shameless plug, but I said back in July this could be the year Andre Johnson breaks out.  
  • Matt Leinart lives!
  • Larry Johnson is currently tied for 27th in the league in rushing yards with 98.  It's likely that Clinton Portis, Brian Westbrook and maybe even Ladell Betts will pass him tonight.
  • Mr. Bush, Mr. Jones-Drew, here's an important lesson: You're not so good that they can't figure you out.
  • TJ Houshmandzadeh is tied for the league lead in receptions with 17, but is only averaging 7 yards a catch.