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Week Two Fantasy Football Questions

With Week Two a few hours away, there are questions a plenty that I will be monitoring to see how they are answered. A lot of what will be watched is how much of the Week One successes and failures are repeated in Week Two.  My default position is last week's results will swing the other way this week.  Those that do not will get extra attention leading-up to the third week of the NFL season.

From each game, here is a question or two.  At the end of these questions are the links to ESPN's fantasy football chat and Will Carrol's over at Baseball Prospectus.

Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers:

When you double down on Bills WR Lee Evans, will it pay-off or force another one in Week Three?  

The new passing game is still the focus in Pittsburgh.  After getting out to a big lead on Clevelnad, the Steelers stopped passing the ball.  In a more competitive game, what is a the result.

Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars:

After Warrick Dunn failed as a #1 RB last week, does Jerious Norwood double his six carries this week?  Does the Jacksonville rushing defense bounce back after being embarassed by Tennessee last week?

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans:

Can the Colts stop the Titan's rushing attack the same way it shutdown the Saints' rushing attack of Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush, two backs that are much better than the Titans duo of Chris Brown and LenDale White?

Green Bay Packers at New York Giants:

The big question is whether of not Eli Manning starts.  Medical diagnosis say he should be out a month.  The Giants say he is a game-time decision.  Also of note is how well Derrick Ward follows-up last week's 89 yard performance and whether those who felt lucky to get him off waivers feel the same way after the game.

Houston Texans at Carolina Panthers:

Texans' WR Andre Johnson had a huge game against the cheifs.  Can he repeat this week, and, more specifically, get a TD pass?  After just 5 last season, he needs double-digit TDs to move into the elite WR category.

San Francisco 49ers at St Louis Rams:

Will Orlando Pace's absence negatively effect Marc Bulger and, by extension, the the receivers?

What will the receptions distribution look like in San Francisco?  After Frank Gore got 100% of the RB rushes, how the WRs are used is all that bears watching.

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns:

The linesmakers have the Bengals as a touchdown favorite in Cleveland's 2007 home opener.  Is this an overreaction to the Browns' dud in Pittsburgh?  Can new QB Derek Anderson take advantage of his weapons in the passing game - WR Braylon Edwards and TE Kellen Winslow?

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

After the dud in Indy, all the highly-drafted Saints - Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and Marques Colsten, need to improve to avoid being labelled draft busts.  Can free agent CB Jason David rebound or is Joey Galloway in for his best game of the season?

Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins:

Is Eli Manning-to-Plaxico Burress so much better than Trent Green-to-Chris Chambers that the Dallas secondary will be effective this week?  Is the Miami secondary as bad as the Giants one to keep Tony Romo amongst the highest scoring fantasy QBs?

How will Miami split the rushing carries?

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions:

Adrian Peterson.

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals:

Can a #2 WR emerge in Seattle, and will Matt Leinart be the sleeper QB most experts expected?

Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears:

Larry Johnson had ten carries and seven receptions last week.  Without #1 WR Eddie Kennison, will that total more than double?

The Bears offense was shutdown by the San Diego defense last week.  If it breaks out, will it be RB Cedric Benson or QB Rex Grossman leading the way?

New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens:

Kellen Clemens - a vertical threat?  Will Musa Smith get another 10 carries?  Will WR Demetrious Williams have a breakout game and be the #1 waiver claim for Week Three?

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos:

Will Ronald Curry produce another #1 WR week with a new QB in Daunte Culpepper?  Will the vaunted Raiders defense make its 2007 debut?  How that second one is answered will determine if Broncos RB Travis Henry repeats his Week One effort and if QB Jay Cutler does the same.

San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots:

Was Week One 2007 for Phillip Rivers analogous to Week One 2006 and lead to 3,500 passing yards in the remaining 15 games?

Can Randy Moss repeat a #1WR down week - 5 receptions 70 yards with a score or will he play second fiddle to  another New England WR like Dante Stallworth?  How about the rushing touches split between Lawrence Maroney and Sammie Morris?

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles:

Last week, RBs Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts split the touches.  With reports of a completely healthy Portis, will this situation remain or does Portis moves towards 70% of the touches?

For the Eagles, I will be most interested in seeing if QB Donovan McNabb stays with last week's leading WR, Jason Avant, or if he goes to a different receiver as the top target.

ESPN's Fantasy Football Chat from 10AM.

Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus at 11AM.