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Sunday Notes and Fake Teams Reader League

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A few NFL notes for your last minute lineup tuning:

  • Daunte Culpepper will "likely" start for the Raiders today.  If you're planning to start Culpepper or McCown, then make sure you get the final word.  It looks like it may be a gametime decision.
  • Eli Manning should be another gametime decision.  I'm sure far more fantasy owners are worried about this decision.
  • Shaun Alexander will play, but he's wearing a brace to protect his sprained wrist.
  • As Eric pointed out last week, ESPN has a 3 hour fantasy chat from 10 am to 1 pm today, you can log in here.  They should have the final word on gametime decisions.
Though I haven't posted on it before, the Fake Teams Reader league is off and running. Last week's big game was a 150-141 slugfest between Tim Donaghy's Kneecaps ( I love that name) and Dear Mister Fantasy.  Dear Mr. Fantasy finished second in scoring for the week, but the kneecaps finished him off for a very tough loss.  Every one of Kneecap's starters finished in double digits except for Josh Scobee and Larry Johnson.  

My own Brady Bunch of Pregnant Models team had a rare tie with Ron Mexico's Dogsitter -- and I left Chris Brown's 175 rushing yard performance on the bench.  I hate that.  I'm leaving him on the bench again - along with Cedric Benson - in favor of Brandon Jackson this week.