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Vegas Says...Week 2

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More gambling goodness for this week's version of Vegas Says.   Last week the oddsmakers had an off week just like most everybody else going 1-3 in the NFL games I listed.  Let's hope they can regroup for week 2 and give us some  insight we can use for fantasy football.    First, the standard disclaimer:

All odds are for entertainment purposes only.  This article is not designed to provide gambling information.  If you live in a place where sports gambling is illegal, please don't do it.  Not even if you're sure nobody knows.

All odds are from  The home team is listed first.

Jaguars (-10) vs Falcons - The Jags were favorites by a touchdown against the Titans last week and lost the game.  This week they're favored by even more.  Sure the Falcons are bad, but are they really THIS bad?  If Vegas is right, then you would expect Maurice Jones-Drew to bust out and Jerious Norwood to flame out.  Considering how wrong they were on the Jags last week, I don't know if I buy that.

Cardinals (+2.5) vs Seahawks - Interesting that the line is less than a field goal in this one.  Despite the early 1-0 record and a big day from Alexander, the Seahawks didn't look particularly good last week and Vegas seems to be reflecting that.  If you were burned by Larry Fitzgerald and Matt Leinart last week, this should reinforce your decision to start them this week.

Titans (+7) vs Colts - Considering the way the Colts dismantled the Saints last week, I'm surprised the line is only seven.   Do they think that Chris Brown will run for 175 yards again?!  I don't get it.   Even the oddsmakers must be playing Madden 08, because they seem to have a lot of love for Vince Young.  

Panthers (-6.5) vs Texans - Two hard defenses that shut down two of football's best running backs (Steven Jackson and Larry Johnson respectively)  but the Panthers get the nod from Vegas.  Why?  Jake Delhomme's 3 TD game last week must still be fresh in their memory, though I doubt he can do that again.  This looks like another tough game for running backs; Houston's defensive line looked especially fantastic last week which spells trouble for Foster and Williams.