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Guys I Don't Like - Week 2

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It's Friday, so that means it's time once again for Guys I Don't Like.  While several injuries hurt me (ba-dum-bum) in the Guys I Like category, I get the benefit of injuries when rating last week's loser picks.  Ha!

Week 1 Recap

Warrick Dunn, RB, Atlanta -- 22 for 55 yds, 4 catches for 26 yds.  Dunn rushed 22 times and only averaged 2.5 yds per carry. Couldn't Petrino have seen that wasn't working after 10 carries? After 15?  CORRECT

Brandon Jacobs, RB, Dallas - 6 for 26 yds, injury. - OK, he was cut short by the injury but I'm still taking credit for the bad fantasy day.  CORRECT

Thomas Jones, RB, NYJ - 14 for 42 yards.  The Jets never had a chance to establish the run all game. CORRECT

Jake Delhomme, QB, Carolina - 18 for 27, 221 pass yds, 3 touchdowns. - Err, right. He picked apart the Rams this the Delhomme of 2005 returned? WRONG

Brandon Jones / Eric Moulds, WR, Tennessee -- 2 for 10 yards (combined). It's hard to believe these stats are real.  CORRECT

Week 1 Score: 4 correct, 1 wrong (.800) - That's what I'm talking about!  Let's see if I can avoid a sophomore slump this week:

Week 2 Picks

Jason Campbell, Washington vs Philadelphia
-- Don't let the good vibes from Antwaan Randle-El and the win last week fool you, Campbell is in for a ton of pain this week.   Going into Philadelphia, for a prime-time Monday Night game, against an Eagles team that choked away a win last week?   Good luck Mr. Campbell.

Running Backs
Willis McGahee, Baltimore vs New York Jets
- Left tackle Jonathon Ogden will miss the game and the Ravens may have Kyle "Footsteps" Boller running the offense.  That's not what you like to see if you're banking on McGahee to carry your team this week.  The Jets defense should be fired up after getting Rodney King-ed (severe beating, embarrassingly captured on tape) by Belichick.

Ahman Green, Houston vs Carolina - The Panthers defense stifled Steven Jackson last week and, need I remind you, Green is no Steven Jackson.  As if that wasn't enough, Green split carries with Ron Dayne last week.  I expect he'll split carries again this week, which should be a nail in the coffin for Green's status as an every-week fantasy starter.

Shaun Alexander, Seattle vs Arizona - In case you missed it (because it was on at 3:14 am), the Cardinals pretty much shut down Frank Gore on Monday, limiting him to 55 yards on 18 carries.  While that was mostly due to Gore being rusty coming off an injury, the Cards defense should get credit as well.   While you'll start Alexander no matter what, I think he has a tough matchup this week.

Wide Receivers
Ronald Curry, Oakland vs Denver
-- You probably don't need me to tell you this, but Curry's amazing game last week (10 catches, 133 rec yds, 1 touchdown) was a fluke.  Any number of people could be the starting QB for Oakland this week and the Denver defense is several steps above what the Raiders saw last week.