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Guys I Like (But Not Like That) - Week 2

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As part of the weekly Guys I Like (But Not Like That) post, I'm going to review how I did the week before and keep track throughout the season.  What's that you say?  You thought I would just spew out my opinions and then pretend the next week that they never existed?  Oh no, that's for fancy-pants fantasy writers in the "mainstream" press.  In the blogosphere, we have to deal with readers armed with the dangerous combination of  long memories and the ability to leave comments.

Here's the recap of my Browns-like Week 1:

Charlie Frye, Cleveland vs Pittsburgh - 4 for 10, 34 pass yds, 1 INT, 1 benching.  Yeah, he was getting chewed up by the Steelers, but I still blame Romeo Crennel for yanking him.  WRONG

Steve McNair, Baltimore vs Cincinnati - 20 for 34, 205 pass yds, 1 INT, 1 injury.  I can't blame the injury for this one, that occurred later in the game.  McNair just couldn't get it going. WRONG

Ronnie Brown, Miami vs Washington - 11 for 32 rush yds, 6 for 40 rec yds.  Wow, Brown did nothing against the Redskins defensive line. Last week I said:

If Ronnie Brown doesn't run well this week, Brown owners may have long term problems.
 Yeah, well Ronnie Brown owners have problems. WRONG

Donte Stallworth, New England vs New York Jets - 1 catch for 19 yards. Randy Moss DID play.  Well, that changes things. Wes Welker also had a great game while Stallworth was pretty much invisible.  Completely WRONG

Jason Witten, Dallas vs New York Giants - 6 catches for 116 yards and 1 touchdown. See, just like I predicted! <eye roll>  Witten had as many catches as TO and Crayton combined.  CORRECT

Week 1 Score: 1 correct, 4 wrong (.200) - Ouch, I guess I should've played more during the preseason.  I'll try for a big bounceback this week:

Week 2 Picks

Brett Favre, Green Bay vs New York Giants
- Favre and the Packers offense looked bad last week, but that was against the Eagles.  This week they face a decimated Giants defense that should be on the field a lot more if Eli Manning can't play.  With #2 WR Greg Jennings expected to return this weekend, Favre should have all the weapons he needs for a big week.

Rex Grossman, Chicago vs Kansas City - Grossman also looked pretty terrible last week (12 for 23, 145 yards, 1 INT) but he faced a powerhouse defense (in the Chargers) as well.   This week he goes up against the Chiefs, a team that made Houston's Matt Schaub look like the second coming of Dan Pastorini.  Grossman should have plenty of time to pick apart the Chiefs secondary and plenty of opportunity to do so since the Bears' running game looks pretty weak.

Running Back
Jerious Norwood, Atlanta vs Jacksonville
- Hopefully the Falcons have realized that having a 81% / 19% carry split between Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood was a bad, terrible, not very good idea.  Petrino isn't stupid (despite what we've seen so far) so I fully expect him to carry out his promise to get on the Norwood train this week against a Jags team that gave up an amazing 282 rushing yards in Week 1.

Wide Receiver
Marques Colston, New Orleans vs Tampa Bay
- Colston was limited to 47 yards against the Colts and some fantasy owners are hearing voices telling them that Colston was overrated.  Those voices will be dispelled this week when a quarterback (Drew Brees) that suddenly has something to prove meets a spotty Buccaneers pass defense.  Expect a solid game out of Colston this week as the Saints make a statement.

Darrell Jackson, San Francisco vs St. Louis - Jackson was underwhelming last week (4 catches  for 36 yards)  but he was still getting into shape coming off an injury and was facing a tough Cardinals secondary.  The Rams have a much softer pass defense and should provide a far easier time for Jackson.