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Week One Wide Receiver Decisions Results

Last week, I provided a table with Football Scientist K.C. Joyner's match-ups and grades for my WRs in one of my fantasy football leagues in order to get an idea of who to start at my Flex position. As something I intend to do each week, I figured it would be wise to revisit the prior weeks' information to determine if the "advice" was correct.

WR Team Adv Rec Yds TD Right?
Torry Holt STL 0.2 7 83 1 Yes
Andre Johnson HOU 2.15 7 142 1 YES
Brandon Jones TEN -1.5 1 6 0 Yes
DJ Hackett SEA 1.7 1 7 0 Inj
Eddie Kennison KC 0 0 0 0 Inj
Jerry Porter OAK -0.35 2 26 0 Yes
Muhsin Muhammad CHI 0 1 8 0 No

Based on this, the grades worked as expected. However, I suspect the DJ Hackett injury late in the second quarter saved KC from being wrong. For my purposes, I am testing the hypothesis that the match-ups look most reliable when the Advantage is greater than one. (Remember each WR/DB only gets a grade of 1 to four. The best match-up would be a +/-3 as a result.)

I will get my Week Two match-ups done late tonight/tomorrow and see what results.