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Three Questions for Week 2

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Apologies again for not posting yesterday, my "real world" job keeps intruding on my football enjoyment.  I hate when that happens.  Since I didn't get to cover Fantasy Breakouts, I'll try to work them into this week's extra-large edition of Three Questions.

Question #1 - The Browns Did What?! - They traded the best quarterback on their roster - i'm referring to Charlie Frye if you're reading this Crennel - to the Seahawks for a sixth round draft pick in next year's draft.  This makes Derek Anderson the Cleveland starter and Brady Quinn the backup.  Anybody want to run a pool to guess when Anderson will get the hook and Quinn takes over?  I say at halftime of Week 3.  I have no faith in Anderson so I consider this a downgrade of Braylon Edwards' fantasy value.  Winslow may still be ok if Anderson keeps using him as an outlet, but it's not a good situation.  Charlie Frye now has zero fantasy value, though if something happened to Hasselbeck he'd probably do just fine.

Question #2 - Could You Please Direct Me To The Nearest Tall Bridge? - It's ok, calm down.  It was a wipeout week for fantasy running backs as S. Jackson, Frank Gore, Larry Johnson, Rudi Johnson, Reggie Bush, Ronnie Brown, Brandon Jacobs, LaDanian Tomlinson and Maurice Jones-Drew all rushed for fewer than 60 yards.  The last four guys rushed for under 35!   This is likely a result of the fact that star running backs don't really play in the preseason.  If you're looking to blame somebody for this, blame Clinton Portis and his injury last season.  All of these guys should bounce back with the obvious exception of the injured Jacobs.  However, Jackson lost monster OL Orlando Pace which will be a problem and Ronnie Brown and Larry Johnson looked especially bad.  Don't panic.  Yet.

Question #3 - Is Antwaan Randle-El For Real? - He's so totally for real that the Redskins went out and signed Reche Caldwell.  How's that for a confidence builder?  Seriously though, Randle-El will continue to be the #2 WR and should be a decent fantasy option in larger leagues.  Replacing the useless Brandon Lloyd with Caldwell will help the Redskins passing game as well.  Don't expect 150 yards (or even 80) every week, but there's no reason to drop Randle-El if he's on your roster now.

Question #4 - Is This The Week To Jump On Daunte Culpepper?  - Yes, but be careful because he's fragile.  With Josh McCown banged up and JaMarcus Russell still wiping the tears from his selfish, pouty face, it looks like Daunte Culpepper will be the starting quarterback in Oakland. He faces the Broncos this week (and you don't want any part of that) but the Raiders two games after that are home against Cleveland and on the road at Miami.  If you're having injured QB problems on your fantasy team and you're looking for a week-to-week starter, Culpepper might be a useable choice in Weeks 3 and 4.  

Question #5 - Why Do I Keep Seeing Dead People?  - They're not dead people, they're obscure backup running backs - though it's easy mistake to make.  Derrick Ward (NYG) - 13 carries, Ron Dayne (Hou) - 13 carries, Sammy Morris (NE) - 11 carries, Michael Turner (SD) - 10 carries, Jesse Chatman (Mia) - 7 carries.  Why are these guys stealing my running back carries?!  As I'd said before, I think part of it is that the top running backs aren't in game shape yet.  I think another part of it, particularly in the case of Houston and New England, is that teams are moving to a RRBC where it hadn't been expected before.  Maroney isn't a Top 20 pick if he's splitting carries every week.  Ugh.