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Who To Start For Eli Manning?

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With reports that Giants QB Eli Manning is possibly out for four weeks, some fantasy teams who were so thrilled to see him throw for 300+ with 4 TDs are now faced with a decision about who to grab from the pool to start in Week Two.  Why do I presume that to be the case?  If you started Eli in Week One, then you likely did not draft another QB.  or the one you did take to back-up Eli is likely on the list below!

Checking the available QBs in my two 12-team leagues, and assuming that is representative of other leagues' free agent pool, I see the likes of:

  1.  Carolina Panther Jack Delhomme v. Houston
  2.  Miami Dolphin Trent Green v. Dallas
  3.  Minnesota Viking Tavaris Jackson at Detroit
  4.  Chicago Bear Rex Grossman v. Kansas City
  5.  Oakland Raiders Josh McCown at Denver
  6.  Buffalo Bill JP Losman at Pittsburgh
Or maybe the soon-to-be ex-Brown Charlie Frye if he lands in the New Jersey swamp or, pray tell, whomever starts for the Browns this weekend against Cincinnati?

Who to start?