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Last Minute Fantasy Baseball Strategy

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With 21 days remaining in the 2007 regular season, the focus in fantasy baseball turns to ways to manipulate those categories that can be influenced.  Down 20 HRs?  The likelihood that ground is being made-up is extremely low.  Caught in a knot in AVG?  Cutting bait on the lowest AVG hitters on your team may work.

The same applies to the counting and ratio categories in pitching.  If you are down 5 Wins, the likelihood of making-up that ground is very low.  Stuck in a WHIP battle that is separated by .002?  Try cutting loose starting pitchers whose main purpose is Wins and Ks and whose WHIP is .10 lower or worse than your team WHIP.

Obviously, a knot in counting categories like HRs, RBIs, SBs, Ws, Ks, and SVs leaves your team's ratios to the whims of everyday play over the next three weeks.  There isn't much to do but hope for the best.  Anything can happen.

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